Go-Getter Interviews by Wanderrgirl

So I was interviewed by my boss Arriane for the Go-Getter Interviews for her blog and I was more than shocked (UNBELIEVABLY, GENUINELY, ALMOST-LOST-MY-WITS SHOCKED) when I saw that I was in the same blog entry as Rogue’s Editor Raymond Ang. If I’m Charmander (not even a full-grown Charmander, more like a Charmander before hatching), he’s probably Charizard. I have yet to go under multiple evolutions before I hit his status because he’s the reaaaal deal and this is my inner Rogue fan talking.
Anyway, I shared a few time-management tips and tricks*~ (I really dug deep with this one) here. Check them out.
Also: I made the Punchdrunk Panda icon on Arriane’s sidebar! Pretty cool.


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