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Alright, 2014. This year has got to be the fastest year I’ve ever experienced. My memories of last year’s New Year’s celebrations are still fresh in my mind and now we’re about to welcome another year ahead.

By tradition, I always make year-ender posts that include all my favorite things that happened this year. Check out my posts for 2011, 2012, and 2013.

While the past three years have been good, 2014 is my best year yet. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. New Year’s Eve celebration at the beach and New Year’s Day shenanigans.

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If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s this: I loved hanging out with my cousins. I’m an only child and I’m used to celebrating NYE at home in my room with my only friend (aka a glass of wine). But before this year started, I got to spend the last day of 2013 in a tent by the beach. It was magical. I even made a video for it.

2. More adventures with my cousins at Pico de Loro.


  I love how the right music explains how I really feel about this weekend. I love this bunch ❤️   A video posted by Maine Manalansan (@millimetrs) on

Picture this: 15 people aged 16-25 sleeping on the floor in a 28 sqm (not sure, but it’s pretty small) studio condo unit. We’re that close. We spent three days and two nights just eating, drinking, sharing stories and goofing around. I also made a video for it. (I guess that’s another thing you need to know about me: I like making iPhone videos.)

3. Achievement unlocked: I sang in public.


Okay, I’m not really much of a singer. Just like most of you, I only have the courage to sing in the shower. But my wonderful (-ly forceful) cousins dragged me onstage to sing. I’m glad I did. It was liberating in a weird way.

4. Saw Urbandub play First of Summer live in UP Roots.


I’ve been going to Roots for the past two years now but every time I go, I always leave early, so I rarely see the bands I went for. It was pointless, I know. But this year was different. Now that I’m older (and my parents, less strict), I got to see Join the Club play Nobela and Urbandub play First of Summer. It was a different kind of high. All the songs I grew up listening to with the people I spent half of my life with? It was a great night.

5. Nights at Route 196.

I didn’t always go looking for live music before but after my experience in Roots, I wanted more. Good thing Route 196 is near our place! There was one night when a friend and I randomly went there because we were looking for a place to get drinks and you know, just chill, and caught one of the best male singers (aka Kettle Mata) I’ve heard in a while. Honestly, I felt like I was in TRIC.

6. Landed a job at Young STAR!

Day 130/365. Aaaand we’re officially done with #YSprom. But not really. Because #YSprom is #YSever.

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If I were to rank this list, this entry has got to be at the top. It was around the first week of February when I received a message from Raymond (who’s my editor now) about a vacant position at Young STAR. He was so casual about it but I was freaking out so hard (even more than that time when we received an email from him about Stache being nominated for a Globe Tatt Award). Working with him and Marga definitely changed the way I saw publishing. I’m glad I got the offer and I’m glad I took it. Best. Decision. Ever.

7. Flying out of the country.

SouthKorea2 Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset Fun fact: Last year’s Singapore trip was the first time I flew out of the country. I know, I’m a loser. I discovered my love for travel because of that trip. This year, all thanks to my wonderful job, I got to fly out of the country twice. It was short but it was enough to keep me wanting more. I want to go back! (I’m looking at you, South Korea.)

8. Speaking at #DesignHerStory.

IMG_3517 If you’re a new reader, here’s another thing you need to know about me: I’m a Wanderrgirl at heart. I interned for the super cool go-getter of a girl Arriane for almost a year (after meeting her at the first Blogworthy workshop) (also one of my greatest decisions). Even though my internship ended months ago, I still help out in events and projects whenever I can. But in this case, I was asked to speak at the #DesignHerStory conference. It was so surreal because a.) I was at the conference room with all the other Wanderrgirl interns when Arriane conceptualized this idea and now it’s here, b.) I spoke alongside other powerful women like Arriane, Reese of Rags2Riches, photographer Shaira and Candy Mag’s EIC Marla, c.) I never thought I could speak in front of a big crowd in a freakin’ mall (!!!) and d.) after months of doing talks in universities, I finally felt like my audience understood what I’m talking about.

9. Work and work and work.

Imaginarium My work at Young STAR was only the tip of the iceberg. I kept my year busy with other projects! A few favorites: Dani Girl and Imaginarium by The Sandbox Collective, this shoot for The Start and Plant’s holiday issue.

10. All the beaches I went to!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset 2014 is definitely the year of the beach with my bitches (just kidding). Let’s do a rundown: Puerto Princesa, Boracay, Sorsogon, Zambales and Dumaguete. I’m hoping that I can do this again next year!

11. Discovering new skills.

10831764_1021825014510302_1885538029_n Being a jack of all trades and a master of none has always been my problem. But as I said in my #DesignHerStory talk, it’s fine to be a hyphenator. We can be who we want to be. So this year, I became a (wannabe) calligrapher. I still need a lot of practice but at least I’m trying!

12. My blog is back from the dead.

10784870_1503788889908454_571659089_n I’ve been blogging for a while now (if you count my Friendster blog days, 8 years now). I’ve bounced from Tumblr to Blogger to WordPress to Blogger again to Tumblr. And now I’m back in WordPress! I have tons of plans for 2015 and I’m so excited to explore new things with you.

13. Seeing Ebe Dancel play Sugarfree’s songs live.


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OKAY. This is another highlight of my year. Dramachine is one of my favorite albums ever and I hold the song Tulog Na very close to my heart. I still remember the night when Sugarfree played their last gig together at Eastwood. My parents didn’t allow me to go, even though it was just a few kilometers away from our house, because it was a school night. So I ended up listening to the radio broadcast and crying with the crowd while Ebe sang Wag Ka Nang Umiyak for the last time. Now this opportunity came and I just couldn’t miss it. I went straight from work and almost didn’t make it because the traffic was so bad. But, ugh, anything for Sugarfree. He sang all the songs I loved and introduced me to new songs I’m going to love for the rest of my life (e.g. Bawat Daan).

14. The end of Stache.

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 2.12.38 PM

(Side note: I paused when I typed the sentence above because I didn’t know how I should start.) And I still don’t know how to start. Stache has been a part of our (me and the rest of the team) lives for the past three years. We spent our days planning, writing, shooting and creating content and just doing the things we love for everyone to see. We all grew together and learned a lot and we have 22 magazine issues to prove that. We have all our dear readers to thank. We really couldn’t have lasted that long without you. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the support, the love and the understanding when we decided to take a break from our little baby. To the team, most especially to Jared, Ellie, Ecks, and Mary, thank you for sharing your talent and passion with me and the rest of the world. We definitely made something magical and I don’t think our passion for this will ever fade.

Okay, that was a little heavy. But on to the fun statistics for the year!

Here are all the movies I watched in 2014 and my top artists and songs of the year.

How was your 2014? What was your fondest memory of it? Leave a comment below! I’d love to read your year-end posts.


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