2015 goals in things



Someone I know recently told me that I get everything I want because I’m lucky. For someone who works her butt off day and night just to get to the position she wants to be in, that’s very offensive.

Being an only child comes with the assumption that you’re a spoiled brat. Here’s something to break the cliche: I am not. Ever since I was a kid, I learned how to work for the things I want. If I want that new Polly Pocket doll, I had to get in the honor roll (which I did.) If I want a new book, I need to clean my room (which I sometimes did.) I realized early on that things will never be handed to me no matter how “fortunate” people think I am.

And it’s a lesson I learned countless times last year. I wanted to see change in my life, so did it. I wanted to be happy, so I chased the things that made me happy. I wanted that book from Amazon, I bought it. This is also the reason why I didn’t make a Christmas wish list. That and the realization that as we grow older, the things we really want can’t be bought with money. So instead, I made this 2015 wish-slash-goals-in-things-list.

This year, my main goal is to create a business and a few side businesses to keep my finances stable. I’m a really bad spender (especially when it’s 12 midnight and Amazon is calling my name) (or when there’s Piso fare) and I want to change that. I’m already 21; it won’t be long before I have to move out and get my own place. But before all that, I need to update my gear. So here’s my list of things to get before the year ends:

1. A 13″ Macbook Pro (retina display is a plus)
My laptop is three years old and I can already hear it breathing when I open three or more apps at the same time. It also lags (a lot) when I’m working. I just can’t bear the embarrassment whenever the rainbow wheel appears when I show a client my portfolio.

2. A new iPhone (and a faster internet connection)
Unlike my laptop, my iPhone is only 18 months old. But it’s already slow and the volume adjustment is faulty. You can blame the countless times I accidentally tossed it. Nonetheless, I still need a new one for taking better photos and videos. Did I mention I like making iPhone videos? 

3. Intuos Pen and Touch
Just like my phone and my laptop, another item in my arsenal needs retiring. My tablet still works just like before but I need to upgrade to a better one. It’s not as smooth as drawing on an iPad and I think the pen left a few scratches on the tablet, making it a bit hard to draw straight lines.

4. Monocle’s Guide to Good Business
I already bought the other Monocle book (which was great, ugh) and I figured that I should buy this one too. Because a.) I like the idea that I have BOTH Monocle books, b.) I just like books in general, and c.) it will help me in my future business.

5. Fujifilm FinePix X100
As much as I like taking photos with my phone, I still can’t achieve the settings I want. I can’t carry my SLR all the time since it’s bulky, which makes it impractical during travel. I’ve been eyeing this camera for months now and I think this should be perfect for my future travel plans.

Looking at my wish list, I think I’ll be needing around P200,000 to get everything. I still have 12 months to work, work, work so that won’t be a problem… I think.

What’s in your 2015 wish list?


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