February favorites



You know how some YouTubers like Essie and Claire (aka my main girls) talk about their favorites every month? I decided to give it a shot! I always want to share some stuff I’m loving and it’s always good to document where you are in life right now.

Here are my faves for February…

1. I finally retired my 4-year-old Jansport bag! I’ve had that since college and we’ve created so many memories together. But it’s time to move on to better and more pastel pastures (haha). My old backpack is already worn out and it ain’t pretty to carry around anymore. And I’ve always wanted a Herschel.

2. I also started the 30 Days of Yoga challenge last January. I know, I know. I finished late. But the important thing is I finished it. The practice definitely helped me meditate, stay calm and focus on the important things in life. If you’re currently getting over a breakup or in a mid-life crisis, I suggest you try this.

3. Young STAR recently did a Tough Love issue which I made a ton of collages for. But one of my favourite would be Mariah’s article on being a female rockstar. It’s a must-read!

4. Speaking of rockstars, I started listening to punk again. If you’re new to this blog (or my social media life in general), you should know that I had an ~*emo-slash-punk-slash-rock*~ phase. Fall Out Boy, System of a Down, My Chemical Romance, Otep, Thursday and Silverstein were my boys. They energized me in a way that jazz never did. (I totally sounded like a MySpace scene kid for a second there.) I’m happy that they made an appearance in my life again.

5. I also loved The Sandbox Collective’s staging of The Boy in the Bathroom in the first ever Fringe MNL. It was first staged in last year’s Imaginarium festival but this season’s show is way cooler because they did a bit of tweaking with the production design. I’m happy that I watched it alone even though it’s a romcom. The songs are still stuck in my head up to now. If ever there will be another staging, I suggest that you don’t miss it! It will make you fall in love with theater.

6. One of the books I’m loving now is A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. It’s about two people living in different time periods whose lives will coincide in the most unexpected way. It touches on history, tragedy, existential crisis, and the “suicide culture” in Japan. I honestly didn’t know that such culture exists. The movie Norwegian Wood touched on that subject briefly but I didn’t know it was a thing.

7. This. Game. Kanye vs. Creative Director. I don’t really listen to Kanye West so I guessed my way through it but it was hilarious. Freelancers, check this out!

8. Just like I mentioned in my last Sunday Currently, I downloaded Sims 4 last week. I spend at least two hours playing this game daily and y’all can’t blame me. I’m still amazed by the improvement of the graphics and speed from Sims 3. I’m just a bit sad that NPCs don’t appear as much anymore. I miss my burglars, policemen and firemen. I’ve also been loving this Sims 4 playthrough by Dan and Phil. They’re so adorable together. I can’t even.

9. Last but not the least, I love this Photoshop gem. Cats and art? Don’t mind if I do.


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  1. says

    Ahh! I’m so inggit. I wasn’t able to watch Boy in the Bathroom because of my work sched. :(
    Also: thanks for mentioning abt 30 days of Yoga. I think I really needed something to help me relax. Hehe!