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Disclaimer: If you don’t like One Direction, I suggest that you skip this post because March is One Direction month for me. A lot of things happened. I need time to cope with Zayn leaving and the concert. If you’re a Directioner, welcome aboard and share my pain.

Here are my faves for March (which are mostly about One Direction):

  1. The One Direction concert! Aaaah! I still don’t know how I feel about this. I was happy because I finally saw Harry Styles’ glory in person but sad because Zayn decided that he want out of the tour. But it was still an awesome experience! Marga and I were seated at the 13th row, right in front of the giant screen and behind Julia Barretto. We sang, we danced, we cried, we got soaking wet so you won’t really notice us crying. If you wanna know more about our freakout, Marga live tweeted it for Young STAR! 
  2. After the concert, I suffered from PCD (post-concert depression, not Pussycat Dolls) hard. And just like any normal healthy human being suffering from PCD, I turned to YouTube. It all started with a tour diary, then it became the entire One Direction journey in The X Factor. Then it happened. I stumbled into Larry Stylinson. My friend Mary mentioned the theory two years ago but I only got into it this month. I’m sold. Larry Stylinson exists.
  3. But Marga doesn’t think so. She’s a big Zarry fan. (But now, the chances of Zarry becoming a thing is pretty much non-existent because Zayn decided to leave the group. Just like everyone else in the fandom, I was surprised. But his decision was very courageous and I admire him for that.) She’s also a huge fan of fan fiction and she made me read my first one. It’s called Keep the Car Running by writeivywrite. AND DAMN IT. It was good. It was sooooo good. I don’t wanna say anything else but I will say that I read it twice in a row. If you don’t like fan fiction, this will change your mind.
  4. And now, it’s time for the most awkward transition in history! One of my favorite films this month is The Holy Mountain. (Okay, maybe not the most awkward. Zayn looks like Jesus. Jesus in The Holy Mountain?) Warning: The trailer is NSFW. It will get pretty weird. But the whole movie was visually and mentally stimulating and confusing that I sometimes high-fived my 15-year-old cousins (yes, I watched this movie with my baby cousins) when I finally, finally understand what the fuck happened in a particular scene.
  5. For websites, I can’t wait for Emmadime’s new project called Hands On Everyday. I’m guessing it’s a bit like Blogshop or Be Free Lance. But looking at the goooooorgeous website, they’ll cover more topics like typography, photography, copywriting, etc. I am obsessed with the website design and the Internet Explorer link blue they used. Ugh. Design done right.
  6. Speaking of wonderfully designed websites, I’m also loving Typewolf. If you’re a designer, you know how hard it is to find a collection of fonts that go well together. This might help you with that.
  7. Now here’s a surprise. I didn’t know that Refinery29 has a creative/artsy side. I’ve always seen the website as a fashion news portal that I couldn’t care less about (because I’m not really into fashion). But take a look at this mini website called R29 Creative. It’s marvelous.

Check out my faves last month and see how much One Direction ruined my life.


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