Baler, Aurora

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A little under two months ago, I went to Baler with my family for vacation. Side note: We actually have relatives there aka less lodging cost if I ever want to pursue my “surfer” dreams.

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Of course, when in Baler, you gotta try surfing. So I did. Standing up on the board was surprisingly easy. I guess all the yoga that I’ve been doing paid off. I just needed a little help catching a wave (is this the right surfing term?) because I don’t know which waves are worth riding. 

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Anyway, surfing was fun but it wasn’t the most memorable part of the trip. The day before I tried surfing, we went to the Ditumabo Mother Falls in Barangay San Antonio. It was beautiful. Going there was definitely a journey, but it was all worth it.

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From our house in Baler, we drove for about an hour to the “welcoming area.” We parked our cars there and braced for the walk ahead. The falls is 1.70 kilometres away from the parking area. It was tiring, yes. But there are a lot of stores along the way if you want to rest.

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I tried filming a video of our trek up to the Mother Falls but I was so tired that I wasn’t able to plan a whole story for it. So here are screenshots of the failed movie instead!


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