Carla does my makeup



Right after our 8pm show the night before, we went to Backyard Grill to grab some grub (hehe) and to celebrate Sam’s birthday for the 2nd time.

It was fun. But then I got sleepy and went home. Ten a.m., I headed to Satchmi Megamall for a Young STAR shoot. Surprisingly, there was no traffic. Then I remembered the classes were suspended and I wondered why I wasn’t in bed. At least I got to be with some people I like.

I can’t really reveal much about the shoot so here’s Cenon instead.


After the shoot, I killed some time at BGC and had dinner at Army Navy. Their veggie burrito is Try it with extra onions and green peppers. Noms.

Fast forward to 11 p.m., and I was in my fave pair of shorts with a mug of earl grey tea. I insalled Netflix in my computer and decided to check out the movie with the nice poster. I loved it so much. The Way He Looks is one of my new favorite movies. Of all time.



Oh, did I mention? I also burned my face from the tea last night. It’s just a minor burn so it’ll be gone in a few days.

I started my morning with Scandal S01E01. Five seconds later, it’s 11 a.m. and I’m running late. For what? Well, I have to claim my license from the Makati City Hall because I forgot that my car was coding last Thursday. Great job, @life.

In fairness, they were quite efficient. It took me around 20 minutes to claim my license. Plus their office is fully airconditioned. Well, it should be. We paid a shit ton of money for that.

After that, I went home and watched more Scandal.


Homebody (1)

Wednesday is Young STAR day. It was a chill day because we only had one section to lay out.

For this week, Ms. Jos wrote about stepping out of the shadow of her ate, Carina wrote a comic with Sam Ganzon and Toff interviewed Jensen and the Flips.


I guess you can say that Scandal is officially part of my morning ritual. I unintentionally watched the entire first season the day before so I was itchiiingggg to watch the next episode.


3 p.m., I headed to Circuit for another No Filter show. Lesson: Driving along J.P. Rizal in the afternoon is hella hard. The sun was in my face the entire time. It was pretty, but quite dangerous.



Friday is today! I’m currently watching Lauren do her final monologue for today’s show.

But before that, I had a quick dinner with Carla. She also did my makeup for today! Also: I’m convincing her to make a YouTube channel. If you want it to happen, tweet her!

Anyway, this morning, I started cleaning up my room — the after effects of reading Marie Kondo’s book. I got rid of 30% of my books and put them up for sale. I still have to rummage through my clothes but I’m scheduling that for next week. I know she said to do everything in one day but I have no energy (and patience) to do that.


What did you do this week?


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