The week I became a night owl



The day started a Toff’s house for the No Filter’s cast party. I left their house at around 3 a.m. woozy and sad. I already miss everyone.

Kids, disclaimer: Don’t drink and drive. I’m typing this the Saturday after and I still can’t remember how the hell I got home. I just remember saying bye to Jas and Mito and dropping off Miggy at San Antonio.

Six hours later, I woke up at around noon to prepare for my shoot. Of course, I watched Scandal again. But I think I’m at that point in my series marathon where I only listen to what’s happening, which isn’t good at all.

3 p.m., I headed to ABS-CBN for a Young STAR shoot with Toff and Erwin. The shoot took literally half an hour while the time I spent going there was thrice that. Like, wtf.


Tuesday is Toff’s birthday. The Sandbox Team met at Toby’s Ortigas to officially close Sandbox (for now) and to debrief post-No Filter. It was bittersweet. Everyone will do their own thing for now and I guess that’s essential for our growth. We’ll be back after a few years, stronger and better at our craft.


After that, I went to Katipunan to print the zine Martin and I made for Toff. Then I went to Aura to have it gift-wrapped (I know, my route is all over the place.) The ate at National Bookstore judged me so hard. You see, I thought it would be funny if I put it inside a box of instant champorado (Toff loves champorado) and wrap it with the most tita wrapping paper I could find. I got funny looks but wth, I like stupid gift ideas. He he.


I think it’s safe to say that our mission was accomplished.

If there’s anything you need to know about Toff, it’s that he throws a kickass party. The theme is Addams family and he really delivered. There’s even a coffin in his house!




photos from Gelo and Jas

It’s also safe to say that this was the second day that I had no idea how the hell I got home.


It’s another closing day at Young STAR! I did a quiz with Tin about horror movie cliches. That was fun.



After work, I headed straight to Route 196 for Ellie‘s birthday. I saw Ecks and Lambert after 1912018 months! I also saw Karen but eh, I see her all the time. (loljk I love you Karen.) I missed my life trifecta (me, Ellie and Ecks.)


I watched more Scandal. But I didn’t understand what was happening half of the time so I guess I’ve lost interest? Idk.

Anyway, at around 1 p.m., I went to Trinoma to watch Sleepless. It’s a local indie film about two call center agents who are suffering from insomnia. They discover more things about their lives through the conversations they have when they couldn’t sleep. They became friends, fell in love, came of age, yada yada yada. It was fine, I guess. The story could’ve ended better and the editing could do a little more polishing. But I haven’t seen any other movies by that director so I really can’t tell if that’s just his style.

After that, I went to BGC with a friend to check out the food trucks. It’s literally like Chef.



Friday aka the day I spent a shit ton of money on apps. I downloaded Monument Valley, Legend of the Brofist and Please Don’t Touch Anything. I looooove Monument Valley. It’s a puzzle/optical illusion game that will fuck you in the head. But the story and score is beautiful. I have to read about the meaning/symbolism for each chapter because it’s just too deep to comprehend.

Legend of the Brofist is hard as fuck. Not everything is as good as you at gaming, Pewdiepie. Please Don’t Touch Anything is even harder. It’s like Stanley Parable in the sense that you have to get different ending but in this game, you’re stuck in a room with a bunch of buttons.


Come night time, I went to Ayala Museum to cover Midnight Museum. Last year’s Midnight Museum scarred me for life so I was kind of reluctant to go this year. But it was good! It’s much more chill compared to last year.

But before that, I watch American Ultra with a friend. I’ve been wanting to see it for the longest time now ever since I saw the social media campaign on Behance.

LISTEN. You can tell so much about the movie based on the typography in the poster. American Ultra’s is flawless so I knew that it’s going to be good. Just look at these posters by Watson DG.

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