Or: that time when we I drove for four hours to do nothing.

Out of all the friends that I asked to go with me to our Pico home, Abbey and AJ seemed to need it the most. Abbey just launched her book and AJ is just a constant go-getter in her freelance life and Sunday Paper. The Sandbox Collective also wrapped up No Filter a few weeks ago so this is the first time in eight months when I can finally, finally breathe.

Before our Pico trip, I had so many ideas on what we can do there. “Let’s do a movie marathon!” “We can go bowling in the afternoon!” “Maybe we can do a podcast or a photoshoot!” But alas, none pushed through. AJ banned screens bigger than 13 inches so we don’t have laptops to keep us entertained (or distracted). Of course, working is no-no. So we made do with our sketchpads, books and a hard drive full of movies.

Here’s the lowdown:

We met up at McDo at around 7 a.m. We were stuck in C5 for around 40 minutes. Terrible.

If you go on road trips to the south frequently, you’d know that Caltex SLEX is the bomb dot com. They have drive thru Starbucks and the best gas station grocery along the expressway. I give Addy’s Market five stars for having a nice selection of chips, cookies and newspapers (they rarely have The Philippine STAR in Shell or Petron, at least in my experience.) And guess what? They also have the latest issue of Frankie there.

After that, the drive was more or less smooth. There was a bit of a traffic buildup in Tagaytay. With my extremely careful and responsible driving (hey parents), it took us 4.5 hours to get to Pico de Loro.


First order of business: Instagram and Snapchat. After having lunch at the Sun Coral Cafe, we went to our condo –– a.k.a. Brick and Mustard –– so Abbey can take a quick nap. (How tita of her.) AJ and I watched a movie that left her cursing with feelings after.

3 p.m., we went back to the beach to shoot #WriteNow. It’s the same baby that we’ve been working on for almost half a year! It feels so good to finally hold it in our hands. It’s amazing how an idea can transform into something tangible. Something that you can actually use and be part of your day-to-day life. (Note: You can pre-order it next week! Exciting!)


After that, I got my tan on and watched the sunset.

Real-time realization from the 21st century: You’ll know that you’re good friends with someone if you don’t feel obligated to make small talk. And that’s exactly how I felt with Abbey and AJ. We spent a good hour and a half not talking to each other even though we have a lot of things to talk about. We laid by the beach and read and breathed and lived. I did a shit ton of reflection too. But more on that later.



7 p.m., we wined (also, whined) and dined at the Sun Coral Cafe again. Stories were told, jokes were made, #feelings were made known. We headed back to our room after dinner and watched The Darjeeling Limited. AJ fell asleep 30 minutes into the movie and Abbey was trying really, really hard to keep her focus. And failed. Haha! In typical tita fashion, lights were out before 10 p.m.


The next day, we made breakfast and shot more stuff for #WriteNow. We took advantage of the pretty sunlight and Instagrammed the shit out of our room.


We got our caffeine on by the beach and told more stories. I also saw Mikael there! How random.



12 p.m., we packed up and headed to Tagaytay. We had lunch at Breakfast at Antonio’s. And they changed their exterior a bit. I like it.


After that, we drove back to Manila at the golden hour. Abbey even played Bon Iver for extra drama. Come nighttime, I changed it to my Oughties October mix that they both loved. Many feelings were felt when Behind These Hazel Eyes came on.

Despite being on the road for a solid eight hours, it was still a good ride home. Our trip is probably my idea of a good weekend: do nothing and be with friends. There really is an art to doing nothing and I’d like to say that we’re quite good at it.

I can’t wait for our next adventure! It’ll be better, I think. At least we have a new notebook to help us in planning. *wink wink nudge nudge*


P.S. When I got home to get ready for Lauren’s party, I saw a kitten in my mom’s bed. We have a cat. A CAT. We had eight dogs in our house and now we have a cat.


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  1. Shekinah says

    Hahaha! Laughed throughout the entire article! Specially loved the cat part. :)) So excited for your new product!! <3 <3