Challenge yourself, YouTube style


“The best way to get ahead is to challenge yourself.” -Maine Manalansan, literally a few seconds ago.

There’s nothing like competition to help you get ahead of the game. But then again, it’s quite unhealthy to randomly compete someone to a battle of “Who Can Knit the Fastest?” I guess the only way is to challenge yourself. And I don’t mean just setting unrealistic expectations. I’m talking making an actual challenge, YouTube style.

If you’re new around here, I have this project called 100 Movies A Year. It’s pretty straightforward: I have to watch 100 movies in one year. It all started in 2010. I had chicken pox December 2009 so I was bed-ridden and really sad. My friends were cheering me up on Facebook by talking to me non-stop. Our conversation somehow diverted to movies. I realised that I haven’t seen any classics like The Godfather or The Wizard of Oz. As an extremely pa-cool 16-year-old, I got pressured. So I used my previous time in bed to watch movies. Sure, I started with The Incredible Hulk, but progress is progress. Then it somehow became an annual project that I’ve been doing for six years now. Pretty nuts.

Okay, where am I getting at?

Because of this project, I realised that the only way for me to learn is to create a challenge for myself. I also need to document everything and put it out in the world so you can hold it against me if ever I fall short.

This year, I need to:
1. Watch 100 movies, of course.
2. Read 25 books.
3. Listen to 50 must-listen albums of all time. (As in the ones you see in those 1000 Albums You Must Listen To Before You Die compilations. Let’s see if they’re right.)
4. Write 10 blog entries a month.

Yep. Ten. In one month. Now that I have it out in the world, I guess I need to do it. Or I can just edit it out and pretend it never happened.

I’m such a bad creative.

What challenges are you doing in 2016?


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