Why I became vegetarian


I can still remember the day when I decided to be vegetarian. We were at a cover shoot for Young STAR when Donald Trump was projected to win the US Presidential elections. As an act of protest, I told myself — and a few people in the room for accountability — that I’ll go vegetarian. So the next day, I did.

It’s kind of strange and useless when you think about it. A single decision won’t make Trump (and Duterte, let’s be real here) upset to the point of resignation but it made me feel like some things are still in my control. And in my head, it was my contribution to save the world (have you seen Cowspiracy?) because the two presidents didn’t care about environmental issues.


See, I’m a terrible vegetarian.

Making the jump was easier than expected. I have been pescetarian for as long as I can remember so cutting out meat completely was just a fun past time for me. Most minimalists — something I’m currently working on — practice vegetarianism or veganism because it’s just damn simple. I also noticed that eating out became easier for me because restaurants often only have one vegetarian option. I don’t get overwhelmed and stressed with options; hence I focus on more important things a.k.a. the dessert menu.

Just to get things straight: I’m not vegan. I still eat ice cream and cheese, but I try to choose the dairy-free option if I can. (I love cows and milk sometimes upset my stomach.) I still own a few leather products but I make it a point to not buy any new ones. It’s going to be a long while before I become vegan but it’s definitely something I’m working towards.

And honestly, for a vegetarian, I don’t eat a lot of vegetables. I still eat a lot of cheese pizza, and junk food because it’s easy. Again, this is something I’m working on that’s why I’m trying to document what I eat to answer everyone’s questions and to keep myself in check.

What are your thoughts on vegetarianism?


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