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Let’s state the elephant in the room: 2017 wasn’t a good year for anyone. But since we all have the attention span of a goldfish, I feel like we’ve forgotten most of the blunders that have happened. Don’t ya worry though; the yearend recaps of major news sites will remind you of them.

I’m pretty lucky that my 2017 was filled with good things and more. Here are things I learned and I want to remember from this year:

1. Surround yourself with wonderful women



Earlier this year, I was invited by Chiara Garcia for a cute little dinner with amazing women (e.g. Deane Miguel of Serious Studio, Thea de Rivera of 12/10, AJ Pangilinan of Sunday Paper, Marla Miniano of Cosmopolitan, among others). We talked about our inspiration, challenges and cute design stuff. It was a great evening.

I also ended the year officially joining Kim’s team for her new venture. (Side note: I’m also working with Tin on this one!) The photo above was taken during their Christmas party.

2. Spend more time at the beach



Here’s an obvie: beach trips will not come to you; you should go to the beach. I’ve always been passive when it comes to making trips to see the ocean, but I actively went my way this year to seek some sun and sand. Some of the best: Phuket, Siargao, and Macampao.

3. Love your team like family



Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE my team to bits. This year just brought me closer to everyone. It’s still crazy that I get to do what I love for a living and that I’m surrounded by people who inspire me. Here’s to bigger and better things for Young STAR, Mr. Manileño, The Sandbox Collective, and a very special project with Kim.


4. Seek art


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This year, I went to Singapore for only 24 hours twice. Of course, I took the opportunity to catch up on all the exhibits I missed when my family visits. From Kusama to the magnificent (MAGNIFICENT!!!) art and space exhibition, my soul was pretty happy.


5. Allow yourself to be taken care of

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I want to spare you the cheese but indulge me for a bit. This guy is my 2017 plot twist. Literally came ’round the last two months of the year, and ended it with a cute little cherry on top. We’ve been on countless road trips, drank a shit ton of wine, danced a whole lot, and took even more photos in just a month. I wonder what 2018 will bring for us.

For music I listened to this year, check out my Last.FM. The theme is obviously “still sad but with a bit of Beyonce.”

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For movies, check out 100 Movies A Year (which I failed to finish huhu). Special mention to Diary of a Teenage Girl for making it to my unforgettable faves this year. TOO REAL.

For books, mah Goodreads account is here.


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