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Blogworthy II

Blogworthy is one of the best things that happened my life. I met Arriane (she’s not called Wanderrgirl for nothing) during the first run of Blogworthy and we instantly clicked the moment we started talking. Our (-) passion for haphazard and mediocre ~*fashion*~ blogs is our common ground haha! I knew that we were going to be friends from that point forward. A few weeks/months later, she called for a new set of interns to replace Rina (a good friend of mine too) so I tried it out and got the position!
I was in charge of the second Blogworthy workshop and I’m not gonna lie, it’s really stressful but seeing how happy and ecstatic the students are makes everything worth it. My co-intern KC extended a helping hand and the much-needed sense of humor to get us through two days of running around.
Here’s what happened during the second BW run:
  1. AAAHH! These are the cutest loot bags I’ve ever ‘arranged’ in my entire life. Many thanks to the partners who helped us make this possible!
  2. Loot pails deconstructed.
  3. The Blogworthy students! Everyone was so participative and friendly!
  4. Blogworthy noms.
  5. Rina helped us that day even though she had a class on the afternoon.
  6. Can we just take on moment to talk about Pinkerton Ice Cream? THIS IS HEAVEN ON EARTH. Where else can you find Banana Nutella Ice Cream and Guava Basil Sorbet?
  7. I also learned how to do fishtail braids!
  8. Free scents from BC Fragrance! They even put our names in the bottles (like a real celeb~)
  9. KC, BG Lim (BC Fragrance owner), and me!

The Blogworthy Experience


I was *invited* to lurk around Blogworthy for a day by the wonderful Arriane Serafico and as expected, I had SO much fun. We immediately clicked the moment we started talking about blogging and our extreme passion for nation-building through design. Rina Sarmiento was also there and it was so nice seeing her. We got to talk about more personal things this time because our previous meetings only revolved around Entreps Build PH aka work aka one of my passions in life. I also saw some of my blogger friends like Abby and Joanna and met a few new ones!

What is Blogworthy anyway? Basically it is a blogging workshop for the creative youth, pushing them to put more effort in their blogs. The workshop consisted of lessons about branding, basic photoshop skills and sweets. Oh my god the sweets. They had cake pops and cupcakes galore! (I also gave a short, impromptu talk about Stache, but never mind that because I was just babbling the whole time and I don’t think I even made any sense!)

It was just funny seeing all these bloggers in one room. Apparently, they had a recurring problem of taking too long when taking group photos because there were about 15 cameras in the room and we need to take photos using each of them. That was funny.

Overall, it was a fun experience and I am really looking forward to working with them (hint: VERY soon). I bet Arriane will tell on me because this entry is a mess haha I’m sorry! Oh, before I forget. Here is our take on all the outfit post cliches:


Zine and heard


It’s been a while since I last taught a workshop. My first (and only) internship boss Arriane got me to help her teach the Photoshop portion of Blogworthy a few years ago and I loved it. So of course (of course of course) I said yes when AJ of Sunday Paper asked me if I want to do a zine workshop.

I’ve always been in love with publishing. I love the idea of putting your heart and soul on a piece of paper for everyone to see and experience. That’s why I created Stache in the first place.

We held the workshop at Common Room, Katipunan on a Sunday afternoon. How fitting. The class was fairly small but so full of energy. Definitely felt that while we were discussing One Direction and Game of Thrones.


I taught basic content planning for a mini zine. I didn’t really focus on the technical side of laying out because I wanted them to do their own thing. That’s what a zine is all about anyway. But if you want me to teach layout or Photoshop, don’t hesitate to send me an email so I can work something out.