Enrollment hassle-day. Ugh.

People are seriously panicking at this time of the term. They bring a laptop (or two) just to make sure they’ll get in the class they want. Unfortunately, for us failures, we get to enroll after everyone’s done enrolling. Haaaaate Menaje’s accounting (main reason why I failed). I seriously hope someone will fail Busmath or adjust his/her sched so that I can get a CBESTA1 (Statistics) class. Yes I’m being mean, but desperate times mean extreme actions.

Cafe Noriter hangover!

I have the hangover! It’s situated above Tapa King near DLSU. The trip is well worth it my friends. The place looks awesome. I couldn’t find the words to describe it, but let’s just say that it made me want to redecorate my room (and good thing my mom supports the idea). I’ll post pictures as soon as possible, and I guarantee you, you’ll want to visit it too. The beverages and food are a bit pricey but I think it’s the atmosphere you are paying for. Also the unlimited cups you get to draw on.

I’m not overrating it, but ohmygod it’s so awesome.


Taken at EK. Last January.

Too bad the number in the shot is 26. Maybe I can tweak it into a 27? Haha.