First physical activity in two weeks.

My life has been a unhealthy lately. I haven’t been doing anything because of this stupid website. So, my blockmate and I decided to go jogging before our PE class today. After 3 rounds of jogging, I was already panting like crazy and my legs were starting to shake. Good thing I made it through 5 rounds After that we played volleyball and badminton. Oh the joy of moving around.

Right after the class, on the way to the LRT, my blockmates and I were tempted by Mcdo and we gave in. Three large fries for four. Goodbye burned calories.

How can I be so unlucky?

Today is not my favorite day at all, for two major reasons.

  1. I was trying play basketball with my blockmates and my slippers snapped. I wasn’t even running. I was just trying to shoot the ball! Nothing too intense here. I just can’t understand why my slippers have to get damaged. Random fact: I ruined 3 pairs of slippers this year.
  2. I was closing the cubicle door in the ladies comfort room so that I could change my clothes. I accidentally closed it and my finger was squished. What is stupid?

Other than these, the day went fine. It was also my first time to eat beef jerky. Haha. I got curious when Ida bought one.