I can’t believe I watched Ang Tanging Pamilya.

I got curious about the appearance of Aling Dionesia in the movie. That’s it.

So we all know that Erap is also in the movie right? Right from the very start of the movie, I felt that he’s gonna use it for his campaign. His role: This dad who helped people (usually pregnant women who are about to give birth) instead of going to his own wedding. What does that say about him? That he helps people more than his own family? And of course, in every Erap movie there should be a fight scene. He fights the bad guys flawlessly without him having a scratch on his face. I know this is acting, but come on, make it realistic, and realistic means him not wearing Chucks. His chucks are always highlighted in the movie, as if this footwear will make you belong to the mass.

Come on Erap, give it up. I think the people have learned a lot from your presidency and it ain’t good things.

First physical activity in two weeks.

My life has been a unhealthy lately. I haven’t been doing anything because of this stupid website. So, my blockmate and I decided to go jogging before our PE class today. After 3 rounds of jogging, I was already panting like crazy and my legs were starting to shake. Good thing I made it through 5 rounds After that we played volleyball and badminton. Oh the joy of moving around.

Right after the class, on the way to the LRT, my blockmates and I were tempted by Mcdo and we gave in. Three large fries for four. Goodbye burned calories.