Zine and heard


It’s been a while since I last taught a workshop. My first (and only) internship boss Arriane got me to help her teach the Photoshop portion of Blogworthy a few years ago and I loved it. So of course (of course of course) I said yes when AJ of Sunday Paper asked me if I want to do a zine workshop.

I’ve always been in love with publishing. I love the idea of putting your heart and soul on a piece of paper for everyone to see and experience. That’s why I created Stache in the first place.

We held the workshop at Common Room, Katipunan on a Sunday afternoon. How fitting. The class was fairly small but so full of energy. Definitely felt that while we were discussing One Direction and Game of Thrones.


I taught basic content planning for a mini zine. I didn’t really focus on the technical side of laying out because I wanted them to do their own thing. That’s what a zine is all about anyway. But if you want me to teach layout or Photoshop, don’t hesitate to send me an email so I can work something out. 

Art Fair PH 2016


Confession: This is my first Art Fair ever. I’ve always been scared of art fairs and exhibits. I thought they’d be filled with art critics who’d judge the n00bs. But as it turned out, Art Fair is quite friendly to regular people who just like to look at beautiful things. And maybe not-so-friendly to those who just take OOTDs in front of painting ugh without even looking at the artist’s name.

My first Art Fair is actually quite memorable because I got to work with the coolest people I know! Raymond, Carina and Milan got me to layout P.S. Magazine a.k.a. The Philippine STAR’s 30th anniversary special for Art Fair featuring Anne Curtis on the cover. Ahhh! I like it a lot! (See it at the end of the post)

It’s only available at the Fair so if you didn’t go, then let me just give you a warm, artsy hug to compensate.