The Senior Photographer: Pat Nabong

People have been bugging me on Tumblr about making a post about the Stache editors. I can’t really post it on our Stache site because it will look messy and it’s kind of irrelevant and unprofessional so I decided to bring it here! First on my list is the amazing Patricia Nabong!

1. Introduce yourself in EXACTLY 100 words.

Hi I’m Pat Nabong and I don’t know what you expect me to say in 100 words. I can tell you my condensed life story, but that might bore you. So, hi again I’m Pat and that was a 30-word introduction just so I could reduce the 100-word count. Here it goes, an introduction of random facts: I’m the senior photographer of Stache Magazine Online. I’m 18, and I’m perpetually nostalgic. I am obsessed with making moments adventurous and epic and movie-like. I will circumnavigate the world someday. I forget to leave my dreams in bed.

2. Describe an extraordinary day in your life.

I didn’t realize how extraordinary this moment was until now. Most moments in my life only seem extraordinary once it becomes a memory. This particular memory is of many nights with my friends spent on the helipad, sharing stories, looking at the stars, accidentally wishing on airplanes, watching heart-shaped fireworks in the horizon, dancing barefoot, and screaming our feelings into the city. They happened on different nights, but for some reason, my brain has fused all those into one epic memory that kind of formed the highlight of my high school youth.

3. What bores you?

Waiting for the doctor, the dentist, the bill. Waiting, in general.

4. What/who are your artistic inspirations?

Ann He, Nirrimi Hakanson, Nen August, Vai Yu Law, Lara Jade, Joey Lawrence, Nick Onken, indie music, youthful things, my past, God, people around me, coming of age films, and peculiar
things around me

5. What’s that one photograph/song/video you will always be in love with?

One photograph: This is so hard :( Pwedeng everything on my reblog blog? :(
One song: Dust on the ground by Bombay Bicycle Club
One video: Apricot by Ben Briand

Random lists time (because lists are awesome)! Taken from My Future Listography Book.

1. List mistakes to not repeat in the future

  • make promises I won’t keep
  • forget to say sorry
  • do something that doesn’t feel right
  • not get to know my grandparents
  • drive when I’m sleepy
  • forget to charge batteries
  • forget to think twice before saying something
  • procrastinate

2. List events to time travel to

  • the year they invented the camera
  • highschool
  • John F. Kennedy’s Ich bin ein Berliner speech
  • Any Deathcab for Cutie/The Killers/Seabear/Two Door Cinema Club/ Bombay Bicycle Club concert
  • A Teen Vogue editorial/covershoot
  • Beatle’s era in England
  • 1920’s Europe
  • Jack Kerouac’s road trip
  • The Boston Tea Party
  • 1940’s Empire Bay

3. List the people you’d look for in heaven

  • God, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, angels, saints, disciples :))
  • Everyone related to me
  • All my friends
  • Mother Teresa
  • People who inspired me

Side note: Back when I wasn’t following Pat on Tumblr yet, I keep on seeing people reblog her stuff so I got curious. I was like, ‘Oh okay she must be Tumblr famous lol’ so I followed her. Haha. When I started Stache, Elisa suggested that we get Pat as our first contributor so I said okay. Her Parallel Universe set is out of this world (no pun intended). It won me over and it made me realize that I need to get this girl on the team, so she became a regular on the mag. And now she’s Senior Photographer and I owe half the success of the mag to her!

*first photo from Pat.