Choleric melancholic

The chloretic part of the chloretic-melancholic duo is in full blast. I try. I am trying. I will try really hard to get the things that I want. I need to stay on top of things to make sure that everything will go as planned. I got what I wanted, what we wanted, what every person trying to get to the industry wants. But now I’m thinking… are the consequences worth it? It’s not really about the nights spent in front of a world you can’t even touch, or the infinite words crammed in one digitally made paper. Isn’t all just a figment of our imagination? As I type this message, how can I make sure that this is real? That all of this, the things I’ve established here, is real? What is Stache, my blog, my photos, my art to the world? Is it just something contained in one mechanical box with buttons to press and mouse to click? Or is it really something? A possible ideology, a movement, a revolution, a change in the making?